Hello, and welcome to landsofnigeria.com, this website is dedicated mostly to the younger demographic or new real estate investors looking to play in the Nigerian real estate sector.

There is a lot of money to be made in the Nigerian real estate sector from the investment point of view. But as a starter in this space, it may be quite overwhelming to begin in the first place.

lands of Nigeria for sale

My name is Folagbade Daniel, and I’m a professional real estate consultant with over 4 years of experience with Hazel crest homes and properties, a registered Nigerian real estate company that offers Premium & customised real estate services, sales and management.

I created Lands of Nigeria.com [LON] as the platform for sharing golden nuggets of the Nigerian real estate sector and solutions that address most of the common problems I’ve helped my clients solve over the years.

Besides, I am also offering professional real estate services to the younger demographic and first-time property investors.

Why the focus on first time property buyers and Youth?:

Well Because I think we have been undeserved,

The Nigerian economy is largely driven by the Younger population many of who are aware of the massive opportunities in the Nigerian real estate sector but are discouraged by the tedious setup of the system and lack of information relevant to this time and age.

Property acquisition process in Nigeria can be very overwhelming to do on your own, from the paperwork to Having to deal with all the legal and regulatory requirements… It can be time-consuming and you run the risk of being scammed especially if you are a little informed about the property and the Nigerian real estate sector at large.

How LandsofNigeria.com serves to solve these problems

  • Detailed breakdown of properties acquisition processes
  • Access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities of various kinds
  • Make Property Request.
  • Property acquisition and management
  • Property reviews
  • Featured listings.

Why work with me?

“Asides from my experience in the Nigeria real estate sector, I would always put your interest first and I am very passionate about offering quality services also love seeing the smile and satisfaction on the faces of clients I have had the privilege to work with”.

You can reach out to me by phone: 07030236113,07084400007 Email: Folagbade@landsofnigeria.com.

I’ll be happy to work with you.


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