The Nigerian real estate sector is growing at a very rapid rate, many people are now buying land for sale in Nigeria. it is also the most secured form of investment for long-term financial security and impressive returns over time. A lot of Nigerians home and abroad know this for a fact.

However one of the main stumbling blocks for most people interested in buying lands for sale in Nigeria is they do not know who to TRUST, asides from financial barriers of course.

We understand that most Nigerians especially those living abroad want to invest in real estate at home. However, The truth is our system is not as organized as what they have over there… yet. In America for example you have to be certified by the agency as a real estate broker /agent.

This eliminates most concerns because as an agent you know if you do anything “shady” you may lose your license

We do not have this kind of structure in Nigeria…yet. The gates are wide open basically everyone can be a real estate agent in Nigeria. And with little or no knowledge about the property acquisitions processes in Nigeria.

However, with the highlighted steps in this article, you’ll discover tips on how to buy land for sale in Nigeria. So you can make smarter decisions and choices.

How to buy land for sale in Nigeria

  1. Work with a certified professional.
  2. Use property listing websites.
  3. Work with your budget.
  4. General Research about neighbourhood and Landmarks( accessibility)
  5. Town planning laws and regulations
  6. Root Title
  7. Land document verification
  8. Physical inspection
  9. Negotiation and payment plans.

1. Work with a certified real estate professional.

When looking to buy land for sale in Nigeria your best bet for saving time and effort is working with a trusted and certified real estate professional.

There are Pros and Cons to working with a real estate agent. A real estate agent or broker can help you get the best out of your budget, and use his/her inner professional network to help you find the perfect property.

On the other hand  Hiring an agent, especially an experienced, full-service agent, is expensive. Prepare to pay an agent up to 6 percent of the price of the property, and you are also at the mercy of someone else’s timeline. 

You’re most likely putting yourself at a disadvantage if you’re not also a real estate professional and you’re not knowledgeable when it comes to the real estate market.

So you owe it yourself to understand how the Nigerian real estate markets work. You should understand the answers to several questions before you start looking for an agent to represent you.

2. Use property listing websites.

real estate listing website

Property listing websites Like,,, etc are a great place to start your search for available Land for sale in your preferred location.

These sites allow sellers and agents to list their land for sale so that their ads can reach a broader audience of land/home buyers.  

Property listing websites are very easy to use and sure beat getting out of the house.  By narrowing down the search online first, it can dramatically decrease time spent visiting multiple properties for inspection in person.  

3. Work with your budget.

Your budget serves as a guide that allows you to utilize your available funds the best. Also, consider putting into consideration expenses like; legal fees; Agency fees, survey plan… etc.

Also the cost of getting all the required documents such as Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Governor’s consent etc…  All these are some of the extra costs you definitely want to add to your budget from the onset to avoid friction when buying land for sale in Nigeria.

4. Research about neighbourhood and landmarks.

Land for sale in Nigeria
Ikoyi bridge- A Popular Landmark in Lagos

One of the most important detail to consider when looking to buy land for sale in Nigeria, is the location.

and some of important questions to ask or research on are

  • Road network and Accessibility- You want to find out how accessible your land is by road and if you do not have any problems linking with major routes.
  • Is the land close to important landmarks?- How close are Important Landmarks? like Schools, Hospitals, Malls, etc. close proximity to popular landmarks greatly increase the value of your land in the long run. So it is important when searching to buy land for sale in Nigeria to choose areas closer to notable landmarks if to maximize profits.
  • Neighbourhood– Aside from the landmarks it’s also vitally important to know about the neighbourhood your land is located in. Is there any kind of communal Fee or charges? How is the electricity supply? are there any Flooding issues? these and more questions like this are what you should be asking before buying Land for sale within any state in Nigeria.

5. Town planning laws and regulations.

Town planning laws and regulations may restrict you from building certain types of structures on your land, depending on your purpose for buying land for sale in Nigeria.

You want to know if the land is meant for Commercial, residential or Mixed-use developments so you can be on the good side of the law plus other structural rules and regulations within the area.

6. Root Title

One of the most important tips, when planning to buy land for sale in Nigeria is to ask about the ROOT TITLE of the land in question.

 A good root title must clearly describe the land and extent of interest being conveyed, state the owner of the land and nothing on the face of the document should cast any doubt on its authenticity.

An example of a good root of title includes a deed of gift, deed of legal mortgage etc

Click here to know more about land title documents in Nigeria .

7. Land document verification.

You want to make sure the documents presented to you about land is genuine by verifying the documents, from your states land registry the procedures are similar in most state.

The procedure to conduct search and verify land titles in Lagos State at the Land Registry is as follows.

How to Confirm the Authenticity of a Property Title In Nigeria
  • Ask the seller for a copy of the survey plan and get a Surveyor to ensure the site you’ve visited fall within the stipulated survey plan.
  • Ask for a copy of the title land document. Then check its authenticity at the Land Bureau at Alausa.
  • Check what the plot of the land has been set aside for with the Ministry of Physical Planning. Be cautious and avoid lands that have been set aside for agricultural purposes or government use. Stick to lands allocated for residential purposes.
  • Find out if there’s an ongoing dispute or litigation over the land. Find out if the land was inherited or bought. 
  • Make sure dates make sense. double-check documents to ensure they aren’t fake. 

8.Physical inspection

This stage is when you visiting the property in question. The purpose of conducting a physical inspection is to reveal any defects on the title of the land and confirm the physical condition of the land.

You want to know the boundary of the land; to confirm if it corresponds with the coordinate or survey plan and also lookout for any negative signs.

Check if the land has not been seized by any anti-corruption agency or not for sale. In Nigeria, it’s always a red flag when you see a sign that says something like “THIS LAND IS NOT FOR SALE BEWARE OF 419”

Land For Sale In Nigeria

9.Negotiate the price and payment plans.

Most people are not aware that everything is up for negotiation, including the asking price of land, what’s the worse that can happen if you negotiate to pay lower than the asking price?… you pay the asking price.

But you might be indeed missing out on opportunities to cut down cost and save a few per cent off the asking price. The same goes for the payment plans.

Conclusion on tips for buying land for sale in Nigeria

Document every single part of the transactions involved in buying land for sale in Nigeria. From the cost of land to the survey fees. Treat every land transaction as it should be, a business transaction.

If you need help finding or investing in Land for sale in Nigeria especially in Lagos and Abuja, you can reach us by sending a mail to or call Folagbade on 07030236113.

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