Lagos Property Pitfalls: Don’t Let Your Dream Home Turn to Dust.

Lagos, a city graced with beautiful skylines, a symbol of ambition and progress. But for some residents a cruel city, recent demolitions in areas like Lekki, Alaba Market, and Ajao Estate have left families heartbroken and livelihoods in tatters. Accusations of short notice and selective enforcement abound, with videos circulating online capturing the raw anguish of those who lost their homes in seemingly sudden blows.

The Lagos State government, however, maintains its stance. They argue that these demolitions are not arbitrary acts of destruction, but a necessary crackdown on illegal structures that endanger both public safety and environmental well-being. Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, insists that proper notices were issued and due process followed, emphasizing a commitment to fairness and a seven-day contravention notice system. In the case of Alaba Market, LASBCA General Manager, Gbolahan Oki, points to years of warnings and vacation notices displayed on affected buildings, dating back as far as 2016.

Yet, a sense of disquiet lingers. The debate between progress and displacement, safety and fairness, hangs heavy in the air, as Lagos attempts to reconcile its rapid growth with the human cost it can sometimes exact.

In this charged atmosphere, where dreams can turn to dust in a bulldozer’s roar, it’s crucial to understand the landscape. What are the red flags that could mark a property for demolition? How can residents navigate this complex terrain and protect their homes? To answer these questions, let’s delve deeper into the specific concerns raising alarm bells across Lagos, and explore the red flags that could shield your dreams from the wrecking ball.

Pipeline Setback: Unseen Threats Beneath Your Dream Home

Imagine your dream home nestled beside a seemingly harmless pipeline. Yet, beneath the surface lies a silent threat. Pipelines carrying essential resources like gas or oil require designated buffer zones for safety. Building too close becomes an open invitation for potential demolition, a threat lurking in the shadows.

Road Alignment: Charming Lanes and the Unpredictable Future

Your property bordered by a quaint two-lane road may exude charm today, but Lagos’s dynamic transportation network has its plans. Delve into the city’s masterplans to discern if your dream plot lies in the trajectory of a future highway expansion. Building within the setback area could place your property in the crosshairs of the bulldozer’s intentions.

Powerline Setback: The Hum of Progress and Safety Hazards

The hum of electricity symbolizes progress, but power lines have their spatial demands. Building too close can disrupt not only the power grid but also pose safety hazards. Adhere to regulatory distances to avoid the potential zap of demolition, ensuring a safe and steady course for your dream home.

Rail Line Setback: A Rhythmic Adventure with Safety Precautions

The rhythmic rumble of trains evokes adventure, but building too close to railway tracks is far from thrilling. Trains require buffer zones for safety and operational efficiency. Encroaching upon these zones may lead to your property being flagged for potential demolition, a journey you’d want to avoid.

Canal and Drainage: Navigating the Aquatic Dance for Safety

Water, the lifeblood of any city, flows through canals and drainage systems. These vital components prevent floods and manage water flow. Building too close risks obstructing this delicate dance and puts your property at risk of demolition for safety and environmental reasons.

Remember, these red flags are not certainties but serve as early warnings. Prompt further investigation before investing in any Lagos property. Conduct due diligence, consult the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA), seek advice from professionals, and thoroughly research the area’s development plans. Leverage technology, such as GIS maps and property databases, to gain valuable insights.

In Lagos real estate, knowledge is your best defense against potential demolition. Approach the exciting proposition of investing with caution and awareness. By heeding these red flags and conducting thorough research, you can confidently navigate the city’s urban landscape, building a future as solid as your foundation. In Lagos, let knowledge be your guide to building a smart, safe, and soaring dream above the ever-changing skyline!


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